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Garment film

Poly garment bags, also known as garment poly bags or plastic garment bags, have a variety of uses in many industries. The typical consumer is familiar with poly garment bags from the dry cleaners. In the apparel and sewn goods industries, every shirt, blouse, coat, etc. is transported in a poly garment bag. Protect your garments during shipment with these clear polyethylene bags. Material Concepts is a leading supplier of poly garment bags in various sizes. Contact us for: Clear Poly Garment Bags.

Lightweight, transparent poly laundry bags are available in four versatile sizes: pants, shirt/suit, dress, and long coat. Top edge features pre-slit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape that fits standard hangers and side-gussets that allow for multiple garments. Preprinted with suffocation warning. Packaged on a roll and perforated for easy tear off.

Personalized with your Store Name or Logo, polythene suit covers offer the most inexpensive and long lasting form of advertising you can possibly use. Because customers continue using them for storage and travel purposes, your Store Name stays in the mind and public eye. And their smart neat appearance enhances your Store's fashion image and prestige. In every way, personalized polythene garment covers are the modern merchandising aid for today's fashion retailer.

How garment bags are made?

Plastic is a by-product of oil refining. Plastic bags are prilimnary made from polyethylene (also knows as polythene), which comes from oil refineries as small resin pellets.

  1. A machine heats the pellet to about 180 degree C and pulls out from it a long, thin tube of cooling plastic.
  2. A hot bar is dropped on the tube at intervals, melting a line.
  3. Each melted line becomes the bottom of one bag and the top of another.
  4. The sections are cut out and a hole for the bag's handles is stamped in each piece.

Garment Covers / Dry Cleaning Poly Bags on Rolls

  • 91cm (36 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 650 bags
  • 120cm (48 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 500 bags
  • 152 cm (60 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 400 bags

These garment covers are made with hanger holes and sloped shoulders and come on a roll for easy dispensing. We can even put a custom print or logo on these bags. Garment Bags are perfect for protecting everything in a common wardrobe and keeping them wrinkle free! Our Dry cleaning Bags can also help keep a bride's wedding gown free from dust. From formal wear, full length coats, evening gowns, cocktail party attire, shirts and suits, they can accommodate almost any need. Just choose the right size you need from the table bellow:

Sr No. Length Suggested Application
1. 36" Long Suits/Shirts
2. 48" Long Jackets/Trausers
3. 60" Long Dresses/Suits